Course Materials on Revelation (NT 311)

Welcome to the Westminster Theological Seminary course NT 311, on the Book of Revelation!

I am providing various course documents on line, which you are free to download. Let me remind you that these course materials are very much works in progress. They are tentative in nature, and subject to repeated alteration and improvement. Not everything in them represents settled views on my part.

You may use all the course materials under the GNU Free Documentation License. For details, you must read this license. Briefly, the license allows you to use and pass on both unaltered and altered files, provided that you give credit to the author and that you grant to others the same freedom given to you.

A reminder of course assignments.

Course Notes with slides.

Visual Presentations

Materials .ODP format .PDF format
All files in one .zip file
Introduction 3C1Intro.odp 3C1Intro.pdf
Counterfeiting 3C2Count.odp 3C2Count.pdf
The Beast and the Prostitute 3C2Beast.odp 3C2Beast.pdf
Structure of Revelation 3C3Struc.odp 3C3Struc.pdf
Schools of Interpretation 3C4Schoo.odp 3C4Schoo.pdf
Situation of Revelation 3C5Situa.odp 3C5Situa.pdf
Theophany 3C6Theop.odp 3C6Theop.pdf
Millennium 3C7Mille.odp 3C7Mille.pdf
The Consummation 3C8Consu.odp 3C8Consu.pdf
Worship 3C9Worsh.odp 3C9Worsh.pdf

Special presentation on amillennialism: 3U7Amillennialism.odp 3U7Amillennialism.pdf

Text files

Materials .ODT (preferred) .RTF
ZIP (all files together)
Bibliography 3B.odt 3B.rtf
Outline 3L0Outline.odt 3L0Outline.rtf
Introduction 3LIntroduction.odt 3LIntroduction.rtf
Requirements 3L1Requirements.odt 3L1Requirements.rtf
Structure 3L3Structure.odt 3L3Structure.rtf
Millennium 3L7Millennium.odt 3L7Millennium.rtf

See also Vern S. Poythress, The Returning King: A Guide to the Book of Revelation (Phillipsburg, NJ: Presbyterian and Reformed, 2000).


The open document format (.odp and .odt) contains the latest unicode encoding of Greek and Hebrew.

You can view open document files with OpenOffice or LibreOffice, which are available for free. LibreOffice will probably prove better in the long run. You can view .PDF files with Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is probably already on your computer. 

The Open Document formats are preferred, for the benefit of permanent public accessibility. For further discussion of the issues of accessibility, see my article on "Digital Ethics and File Formats."


Some files use Greek and Hebrew fonts. Others use special Roman alphabet fonts.  See my base page for access to these fonts.

by Dr. Vern S. Poythress
Westminster Theological Seminary
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania